WildVibes, VARGENTA & Labi Ramaj – Saviesa (Feat. Max Landry)


The track I want to present today is kinda special. “Saviesa” is the new collaboration by the Belgian talent Wildvibes, together with VARGENTA and Labi Ramaj, both from Norway. It’s a sweet and romantic track, focused on creating a relaxing and emotional atmosphere, rather than an energetic sound. Typical North European style. This kind of progressive is hard to produce because there is a high risk of creating something boring… But those guys made it!

First of all, the melody is an important element. I know Wildvibes style, I’m a big fan of him, and I smell some of his influence in the complex melody, although VARGENTA and Labi Ramaj heavily influenced the general scheme. Its complexity may be surprising the first time, but after a while, you will love the idea and the rhythm! The producers managed to create something difficult, but not boring.

The stunning vocal by Max Landry is always a high-quality guarantee, but this time I have to underline the lyrics. Simply beautiful. “Saviesa” is a message to a person, and you should listen carefully to the words. This particular and the passion behind the production makes it unique and incredibly romantic. I won’t talk about it very much because that’s personal stuff, but I just want to compliment Max Landry for his beautiful work, that wasn’t easy.

Apart from that, the song is really enjoyable and relaxing. I rarely find good “soft” progressive track, as I said the majority is pretty boring, but that’s a perfect example of what I like. The “Saviesa” rhythm is unreal, especially in the break part. It’s kinda magical, I don’t know how to describe it… Simple, but full of meaning.

The only detail I didn’t enjoy at all is the kick. I consider it slightly heavy, and not well related to the other elements…

In few words, “Saviesa” is a special track. I feel almost guilty for judging it, but it’s my work and it has been a joyful experience. I always try to share tracks with personality and passion, and that’s exactly what I mean. Splendid.

You can listen to “Saviesa” here: